Company Types

Thai Limited Company

One of the most popular business structures in Thailand. It is an ideal choice for entrepreneurs starting off their business venture in Thailand.

With MyThaiCompany, you can form your thai limited company in as little as 7 business days. We also provide solutions to get you past restrictions to make sure your incorporation process is beneficial and as hassle-free as possible. 


  • A minimum of 3 shareholders
  • At least one director
  • Registered corporate address in Thailand


  • Limited shareholder liability
  • Flexible options for licensed business activities
  • Work permit & Visa options available
  • Eligible for corporate and foreign currency bank accounts
  • Eligible for 100% foreign ownership under incentive options
  • Various incentives are available if the right conditions are met

Starting a Joint Venture?

Joint ventures offer significant potential for growth and innovation. But setting one up in Thailand will require you to deal with several legal considerations on top of the already strenuous company registration process.

With a team of seasoned legal experts, MyThaiCompany is ready to help you set up your joint venture the right way. Ensure that all parties rights are set out and are enforceable through shareholders agreements. 

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