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Representative Office Thailand

Representative Offices , or Rep Offices,  are extensions of a foreign company in Thailand. This means they cannot generate income, conduct sales activities, nor conduct business negotiations with third-parties.

Forming a Representative Office in Thailand may be easier than other company types, but it still involves a lot of time and significant amounts of paperwork. MyThaiCompany can deal with all that, so you don’t have to. 

Activities Representative Offices can conduct:


  • 2 Million THB (certain businesses will require 3 million THB) over 3 years, with 25% within first three months.
  • At least one agent based in Thailand who will manage daily operations.
  • Submission of taxes to the Revenue Department every fiscal year.
  • Notarized documents from overseas head office.


  • Quick set up time of just 10 working days.
  • Not subject to corporate income tax
  • Not subject to the 1:4 foreign to Thai employee ratio
  • Simple licensing procedures

Why MyThaiCompany should form your company

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Anything related to the formation of your representative office will be treated with urgency and importance.

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We know everything about Representative Offices. Setbacks are never an issue.

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