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Branch Offices Thailand

Branch offices are entities wholly owned by a company overseas that are allowed to conduct business activities in Thailand on behalf of its parent company.

Though they operate much like Thai Limited Companies, setting up a Branch Office often takes time and are subject to various requirements. MyThaiCompany can take care of all those.


  • A foreign business license must be in place prior to setting up branch offices in Thailand
  • A minimum of 3M THB capital
  • No registered capital is required in the initial set up, however;
    • A minimum of 25% must arrive in the first three months of opening the office
    • 50% is due within a year’s time and;
    • The remaining 25% is due in the following year 


  • Easier to establish as it is not a new business
  • Simple to maintain day-to-day operations with declared taxable items
  • Ability to engage in business activities and generate revenue for the parent company

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