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Boi-promoted Company Thailand

Qualified companies and projects involved in any of Thailand’s targeted industries may be eligible for various tax and non-tax incentives given by the Office of the Board of Investment. This includes full foreign ownership, the right to own land, and also tax reductions or exemptions.

The process of applying for BOI promotion is very complex and involves a highly protracted process of compiling paperwork and corresponding with officers of the BOI. But don’t worry, MyThaiCompany will do the hard parts for you – with ease. 

Eligible activities for promotion

Our Process

It is important to note that BOI incentives are aimed at investors seeking to make large investments into high-value industries and/or transfer knowledge to Thai people. No one boi promoted company goes through the exact same application process, and it is important to have MyThaiCompany guide you through the process to prevent complications.

1. We will study your business plan and determine which BOI category is applicable to your business.

2. We will help you gather all your documents and submit your BOI application.

3. Once approved, we will form your company.

4. After forming your company, we will apply for your BOI certificate.

After being granted BOI promotion, your company will still be subject to reporting and compliance requirements. 

We provide various business services to make sure you stay compliant.


Incentives granted to qualified applicants may vary depending on which industry they’re in. These include tax and non-tax incentives. 

Tax Incentives

  • Import duty exemption or reduction
  • Income and dividend tax exemption
  • Double deductions from transportation and utility costs
  • Corporate income tax exemption or reduction
  • Protection against future nationalization

Non-tax Incentives

  • Permission to bring highly skilled foreign workers
  • Permission to own land and remit foreign currency abroad
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Protection against future nationalization

Why MyThaiCompany should get you A Boi promoted COMPANY

We make sure your application is approved

We know the BOI very well. We know how to make sure your application gets approved even more.

Speed and efficiency

Yes, the application process is long. But we know what we’re doing, and with your help, we can make sure all documents are gathered and submitted on time. 

With your help, we ensure that all documents are gathered and submitted to guarantee that the formation process goes as fast as possible.

Your needs take priority

Anything related to getting you promoted by the BOI will be treated with urgency and importance.

We provide adaptive solutions

The BOI may ask a few questions, but don’t worry; with our guidance, you will get through the entire process with ease.

Find out how you can start a BOI COMPANY IN THAILAND . Get a consultation with our experts today.

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