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Trademark Application & Registration Thailand

Need to protect your business from intellectual property infringement? MyThaiCompany works with Silk Legal to help you register your trademark with the Department of Intellectual Property to ensure you get credit for your work.  We can also advise on patents to ensure you can monetize your invention without worry.

Registering your trademark in Thailand

The best way for a foreign or foreign-owned company to protect their trademark is by registering them with the Department of Intellectual Property in Thailand. Though the process is lengthy and protracted, it guarantees the protection of your intellectual property starting from the day your application is submitted.

Trademarks in Thailand can be are divided into 45 different classifications, 34 for goods and 8 for services.

A trademark search must be conducted prior to submitting the application, and documents explaining the nature and reason for registering the product – which need to be in Thai – must be prepared. With trademark application services supported by Silk Legal, MyThaiCompany can assist you at every step of the registration process to ensure your it is done successfully and in a timely manner.

Thailand signed up for the Madrid Protocol in 2017. Under the Madrid protocol, it is possible to apply for international registration of a trademark, while the registration of the trademark is still pending in one of the member states. 

Trademark registration requirements

Why register your trademark?

Exclusive ownership

Those who own a registered trademark have the sole right over its use. This includes offering goods and services under the registered trademark

Legal Protection

Being a registered trademark means that your business and its brand are protected from counterfeits and other intellectual property infringement.


By having your own trademark, you will be able to distinguish yourself from your competitors and gain market recognition.

Enhanced Value

Registering your trademark means turning your business into an asset and is vital for future expansion.



Got a new invention, or a new method for making something and need to protect your process?  At MyThaiCompany, we’ll help you register your patent so you can protect your IP while you monetize your asset.

Types of Patents

Invention patent

new product or process capable of industrial applications.  Examples include new systems or improvements in machinery, tools or chemicals.

Petty Patent

new invention that doesn’t qualify as an invention patent as it lacks a strong technical innovation.

Design Patent

ornamental aspects or the aesthetics of an item including features pertaining to the shape, pattern or setup.

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When it comes to filing and maintaining corporate documents, you should only trust the most experienced and competent firm. This is because careless mistakes can incur hefty penalties and ruin your company’s credibility.

We work with Silk Legal, a boutique Bangkok-based law firm that specializes in corporate matters, to ensure your company files the correct information, documents, and resolutions with the right government agencies on time. With Silk Legal’s expertise, you can rest assured that your documents are filed correctly.

If you’re  looking for Trademark Registration in Thailand, you can schedule a consultation with us and gain a better understanding of what you need to stay compliant in the country.


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