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Restaurants and Bars
  • Restaurants that reach a certain size must obtain a restaurant license from their local district. This is on top of other licenses such as those for serving alcohol.
  • Most foreigners incorporate their restaurants as Limited Companies. Many also opt to outsource their accounting and payroll as they tend to be complicated and must be submitted in Thai.
  • American citizens have the option of setting up their restaurants as a Treaty of Amity Company  but will be required to follow many of the same requirements as regular limited companies.
Software Companies
Marketing Agencies
Food Processing Companies
  • Most companies set up by foreigners are established as Thai Limited Companies. These companies face many specific requirements mandated by agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Depending on their market capitalization and whether they meet certain requirements, marketing companies may qualify for BOI promotion
  • Complex processes surrounding accounting requirementslicense applications and payroll have led many foreigners to outsource these processes.
Import/Export Companies
  • Most companies set up by foreigners are established as Thai Limited Companies.
  • BOI incentives may be available for importers to reduce the tax implications.
  • Depending upon what is being traded, specific licenses may be required.

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